Meet Sandra

I give couples a wedding rehearsal so they and their wedding party are wedding day ready.

Hi, my name is Sandra I help couples who are on the countdown to their wedding to prepare the finer detail of the day. So that they can relax and enjoy their day, knowing everything is in hand.

When they work with me they know their wedding day inside out! Who does what and when and WHY things are done in a particular way! They create a unique experience for their wedding day. They get a day that guests remember for all the right reasons— for being moving and meaningful and fun!

Since 2011

I am a registered Solemniser with Spiritual Ceremonies.  During that time, I have officiated at the wedding ceremonies of over 600 couples. I’m honoured to play a part in one of the most important days of their lives.

When I work with a couple, I love to hear their story and get the chance to take a glimpse into their relationship. Understanding their values, what drew them together and why they decided to take that next step and commit to spending the rest of their lives together is a huge part of why I love my work so much. I just love hearing about the love.

As a wedding officiant of legally binding ceremonies, there is so much more to marrying a couple than performing the legalities. Couples often get stressed out about the planning, and there’s often a lot of confusion around who is supposed to be doing what and when.

When you’re stressed about your wedding day, you can see your upcoming wedding as an onerous task and not the special life event. You end up missing out on the excitement, sharing that joy with friends and family. When there’s too much stress, you don’t feel like you’re taking part, you’re just giving other people “a day out”. It can put strain on the relationship with this fab’ person you want to marry!

This is exactly what I help couples to overcome. They avoid the stress by getting on top of the planning. They know their wedding day inside out so they can focus on enjoying it and making it memorable and fun!

“… all the little details that may seem insignificant to everyone else are the ones that are important.”

We are still friends!

My story…

This is me with my great friend Lisa Philips. She got married back in… let’s just say we were both very young! I was Lisa’s “wedding friend”. You know the one I mean. I went with her to choose her dress (and cried when she put it on because she was so beautiful), made the phone call to her ‘husband to be’ about how beautiful she looked in the dress.

On the morning of the wedding I tried to keep her calm and entertained, as the clock ticked closer to the wedding ceremony. Thankfully that morning we spent a lot of that time in hysterics of laughter because all the little details were looked after.

I understood that all the little details that may seem insignificant to everyone else are the ones that are important. You too will have a friend who just ‘gets the details’ and maybe YOU are that friend.

Weddings need that attention to detail and someone who will implement them to the letter. Back then I was helping a friend and all I know is I loved every moment of it and I still do, because these are the plans and details that just ‘make your day’.

Fast forward to today and I am still the same girl who loves weddings and everything they represent. I am a little older and a little wiser but the joy I get from helping a couple organise their perfect day, one that allows them to share their love story with their closest family and friends, never fades and only grows stronger with each wedding.

- The Wedding Rehearsal Evening -

Tick Tock it's Wedding O'ClockTM

If you don't have a wedding rehearsal BEFORE the big day, you have it ON the big day.

Join Sandra, The Wedding Lady, for a Wedding Rehearsal Evening:
This wedding day run through will uncover all that you need to prepare for on your big day. 

Take a practise walk down the aisle in a (bouquet and all)

Find out how to personalise your wedding readings

Stuck on what to say for your wedding vows as you exchange rings? No problem you will come away with some content, structure and delivery skills.

Make your wedding ceremony stand out and memorable for all the right reasons!

Next  Wedding Rehearsal Evening:

All wedding rehearsal evenings are cancelled and will resume in line with HSE guidelines for gatherings.

Do check back for updates on new dates later in 2020.