If you don’t have a wedding rehearsal BEFORE the big day, you have it ON the big day! – Wherever you are getting married you will still have an aisle to walk down, decide if you are being given away or what do you do if you are not being given away that is meaningful for you. Or indeed are you being given away by two people. Will that go as smoothly as you would want it to?

You have spent a lot of time and money to create the best day of your life. Whether you are having a Church or a Non-Church wedding you will have debated, discussed and decided the best options for you. Your daily lives for the duration of your planning have had one main topic central to all conversations ‘Your Wedding Day’.  All the big items like booking the venue, buying the dress, ordering the cake the photographer and the celebrant are secured, locked in and in process so now you have head space to think about the things that might be problematic on the day.

Tick Tock It’s Wedding O’Clock™ is a wedding rehearsal run through workshop that allows you to experience how you want to present on your wedding day. Questions like ‘who goes first’ in your processional party, how does the ‘hand over’ happen smoothly and how do you create an atmosphere of ‘your wedding day being ‘SO YOU’ will be answered, uncovered and clarified for you.

You can make your wedding day the most memorable wedding YOU have ever been at and a day your guests will have ever attended. Because you have personalized and practiced it so that goes smoother than you could have imagines. A wedding rehearsal covers all the elements of who does what and when in the wedding day.

Don’t let your wedding day drift into that list of weddings that are forgettable by turning it into a wedding your guests will talk about far into the future.

This service is also available for private consultations.