Yes your wedding day goes by in a blur. Time flies when you are having fun, chatting with guests and making sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

In talking with couples after their big day, the three things they say they missed out and regret are some of the most emotional moments of your wedding day. They didn’t think of them before hand and so had no sense of what they needed to do on the day itself. Without a wedding rehearsal these elements can slip under the radar and be what become regrets.

1 That last moment with the person walking you down the aisle, before you walk down the aisle

  • That moment whomever is walking you down the aisle just before you walk down the aisle towards your partner.  This poignant moment can be lost in the excitement and flurry of getting things lined up to make your big entrance. Keep this in mind as part of your wedding planning to savour the moment and allow it to sink in.

2 Creating opportunities for some lovely emotional pictures

  • If you are waiting on a your future spouse to walk down the aisle to you, will you watch them walking down from the time they walk through the door or will you wait until they have started to walk down the aisle a bit before you turn around? You could miss that photographic shot where both are seen in the picture but haven’t seen each other face to face yet.

3 The aisle walk and music

  • The length of the aisle. If you are getting married in a hotel or other bespoke venue, how long is the aisle in relation to your entrance song. You could be down that aisle before the song even really starts.

Don’t let this be you. Plan for these elements so that you look back and feel connected back to your big day and be transported right back there in flash. So do think about these three elements of your wedding day. They will help you  to pace your self at certain moments to really truly make your wedding day the BEST day of your life.